My husband was working all week and I tagged along. Not sure how I was going to spend 4 days and 5 nights in Kiev. Then I found Anastasia. What a great gift she was. She turned up a few minutes early at my hotel. My initial request to the travel agent was something different. Not interested in a basic tour of the usual churches and monuments. In fact I said my interests were taxidermy, vintage clothes, antiques and if possible lesbian roller derby (just cuz) we spent 3 days traipsing around in the cold. Drinking coffee(not dirty dishwater) but delicious lattes and great food. Borscht, pastries, chestnut soup, pate, Georgian cuisine, and the best hot ginger tea. We went to Viktor Yushchenkos obscenely decorated compound. Took pictures with the young guards working there. Secret Raven Park where we had another coffee in one of the few hipster coffee bars. Anastasia helped me at the pharmacy to buy skin creams and a tooth brush. She is bright and funny and knows so much history. I had an incredible time and left Ukraine with a warm felling in my heart.