On December 6, Lyolya guided me and a friend for three hours around the old city of Kiev. I visited Kiev many times as well as Odessa over the last 6 years. I never had the time to forget about business and learn more about the history of your country and the important role and history of Kiev. It was a unique experience to be guided by Lyolya. She has a sparkling personality, speaks excellent English, is highly knowledgeable in terms of history and has the ability to connect events and put them in a historical perspective. In addition, she tells many revealing and often humorous anecdotes. She is visibly passionate about her job and transmits a healthy and contagious pride of Kiev, the country and its ups and downs in history. She also is willing to listen and answer questions. Even though it was very cold, I could have spent all day under her guidance. Her tour was an eye-opener to me and it has given me a material uplift in understanding historical and current events in Ukraine. I would recommend her to anyone who is planning to visit Kiev. It was a most enjoyable and memorable day. I intend to be back in Kiev in the Spring and will (re)visit many of the places she showed and recommended. Reinout van Lennep, Switzerland