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Delicious Kiev

As ones said, you are what you eat. If talking city wise, this saying is also true. People in Kyiv and their cuisine — is a unique gastronomic universe. It has passed the test of centuries and we invite you to plunge into it with us.

Together we will learn:

  • What ate the Kyivan princes, and why they would not have recognized anything from the modern Ukrainian cuisine;
  • Why pig fat has become a national dish of the Ukrainians;
  • Why does offering a pumpkin to a man is insulting in Ukraine;
  • Where in Kyiv is the largest collection of candy covers;
  • Bringing which treat to Kyiv 100 ago would make a fool out of you;
  • How opening of the first beer factory led the heart attack;
  • What Kiev recipe Khrushchev tried to steal? 

Prepare your taste receptors, because we would try :

  • Monastery kitchen, which was admired by the Kievan princes;
  • Favorite desserts of Russian emperors;
  • The oldest drink of Kiev;
  • and more 😉

Don’t be afraid to get tired — during the tour we will go to rest and taste Kiev cuisine in some of the most outstanding  restaurants of  Podil!

But be careful — during this tour you need  to listen carefully because in the end we will have a quiz with awarding the most attentive listeners .

We are waiting for you with us on a gastronomic tour Delicious Kyiv!