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Prybylska Mariia

I feel blessed to be born and raised in the city with a crazy mixture of history and outrageous modernity. How many people nowadays can say they witnessed events that their kids will be learning in history classes? Well, I surely can and exactly these events recruited me from an one-love mathematician to a guide. During the Revolution of Dignity I realized the capacity of words to make someone happy or sad or call to unreverse action. For me, words are like math or art – where one has to master or use a working formula to deliver the right message.

My personal experience of living in Ukraine strongly disagreed with majority of messages that are being delivered by international media. Who else if not a tour guide can become the true ambassador of the city? I started digging deeper into history and now I am willing to share my knowledge and passion with everyone who wants to know the real spirit of this city, who is not afraid to look behind the surface and those who are open to feel its authenticity.

Traveling was always a major passion in my family over the generations. It made me a geek who loves to visit museums, art galleries and hidden coffee places with underground parties. Being a travel addict I know how important it is to experience the city in your own comfortable flow. This is why I always try to feel my guest’s needs and adapt the tour according to them.

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