“Unique and idiosyncratic secret Kiev!”
The secret Kiev tour is quite different from the other generic city and scenic tours you will find. It is distinctive for its focus upon the less well known historical, architectural and cultural aspects of Kiev, it’s citizens, invaders, heroes and villains. This excellent, whirlwind walk along leafy avenues and elegant thoroughfares encompassed little known ( but relevant ) facts about the city that would not normally be readily accessible to most visitors, with a strong emphasis on the literary and pioneering figures of Kiev and Ukraine.
Under the auspices of a masterful and enchanting guide, who is at once, highly educated, exuberant and informative, both educational and scenic attractions are revealed, most with wonderment. The subject matter is clearly much more of a passion than a mere work task!..Only problem for me: the three hours went past in the mere blink of an eye, as is always the case when one is having a great time. No matter:.Secret Kiev?..a total delight!