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Kiev for English leаrners

Kyiv is multinational and multireligious city. Today you can hear dozens of foriegn languages on its streets. So why not to make a tour for people who love Kyiv, who are fond of its history and want to practice English. We will walk along familiar streets, listen to well-known and fameless stories. The tour starts from the cathedral which was decorated by artists-story-tellers and where your wishes come true. We are going to see monuments to heroes of Soviet cartoons and symbols of kyivan intelligensia. And our last stop will be in one of the most beautiful places of our favorite city — the monument to Saint Volodymyr.

The rout and objects: boulevard Shevchenko, Khmelnitskyi street, Golden Gates, Reiterska str, St. Sophia square, Mikhailivska square, Volodymyr’s hill.


Елена Михайлова

Рейтинг экскурсовода: 4.9

С детства была связана с историей родного города. В доме всегда было полно книг о Киеве. Закончила НПУ им Читать полностью
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