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Все Экскурсии по Киеву

Communist Kiev


Explore the communist legacy of the Soviet Union in Kiev. Learn about its Soviet history and discover a fascinating world of surprising facts and impressive Soviet city plans as you tour many of the places associated with communist rule.

This walking tour through the center of Kiev explores everyday life in what was once one of the biggest Soviet cities. From 1921, Kiev became a part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, a founding republic of the Soviet Union.

Greatly affected by the major processes that took place in Soviet Ukraine, such as the 1920s Ukrainization, as well as the migration of the rural Ukraine population, made the Russophone city Ukrainian-speaking and propped up the development of the Ukrainian cultural life.
By the late 1920s the city, a former center of commerce and religion, had turned into a major industrial, technological and scientific center. The 1932–1933 Great Famine devastated part of the migrant population not registered for ration cards, and Joseph Stalin’s Great Purge of 1937–1938 almost eliminated the city’s intelligentsia.
On this 3-hour walking tour you will learn about this history as you see many of the places associated with communist rule, such as the House of Kiev Military District. You will visit the Former Lenin Museum and stroll through Sofievskaya Square.

Gaze at Soviet city planning and Soviet buildings as you learn about the boom years from 1934 until the outbreak of World War II. Hear about the terrible damage inflicted on the city by the Nazis and the massacre of Jews at the Babi Yar ravine

Discover how Kiev became the 3rd largest Soviet city after the war and the devastating effects of the catastrophic accident at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Ukrainian Parliament proclaimed the Declaration of Independence of Ukraine in the city on 24th August 1991. Today, Kiev is the capital of an independent Ukraine, but this tour will take you back to the days when it was under Soviet control.

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